Vegan protein supplements – do they work the same as the classic ones?

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Protein is an absolute must for successful muscle building, but what if you’ve long excluded animal products from your diet? A vegan protein supplement can help. Here comes another question – will it really be a valuable alternative?

Animal vs. vegetable protein

Research shows that if used properly, plant protein can successfully replace animal protein in the human diet. Many people even go a step further, considering the former to be the “best protein”. Of course, the moral aspect comes to the fore – plant protein does not come from animals, but from cereals or pulses, among others.

However, if we look at the properties, it turns out that plant protein is not so different from animal protein. Some types, including soy supplements, can be considered complete, which means they contain all 20 amino acids essential for the body to function properly. What is more, vegetable protein is also rich in dietary fiber, minerals and vitamins. The thesis cited earlier with choosing the best protein is therefore not as devoid of logic as it might seem.

Vegan protein supplements – types and benefits

Among the types of protein for vegans, the aforementioned soy supplements reign supreme. Be sure to choose an isolate, which contains up to 90% protein. Pea- and wheat-based supplements are also becoming more and more popular, and recently supplements based on… hemp protein have been making waves on the market! Each of these types has its own individual properties, so it’s a good idea to seek advice from an experienced professional before choosing the best vegan protein supplement for you.

Vegetable protein is a real lifeline for people who are building muscle mass, but for various reasons have given up animal products. Thanks to it, vegans can provide their body with an essential ingredient without abandoning their own views. In addition, plant protein is less caloric than animal protein, while outperforming its more popular counterpart in the number of amino acids. The icing on the cake is that we are able to cover our daily requirement of the basic muscle builder with just one drink per day.

Plant protein – how to use?

Just like animal protein drinks, vegan protein supp lements are suitable for sports, especially for strength training. Protein itself is the main building block of muscles, so with regular exercise, providing the body with the right amount of protein is absolutely essential. It is estimated that the daily requirement for protein in athletes is up to 2.2 g per kilogram of body weight. However, you should first read the manufacturer’s recommendations for the product of your choice, and then consult a nutritionist or an experienced personal trainer. When used properly, vegan nutritional supplements can be as effective as those based on animal protein, so it’s worth convincing yourself!

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