Proper hydration during training

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The human body consists of 75% water, so it is extremely important for proper functioning. Insufficient hydration may lead to deterioration of health or well-being. Electrolyte deficiency is manifested among others by muscle cramps, headaches and general weakness. How to maintain water balance during exercise?

Water loss during training – what does it mean?

An organism that is deficient in water will be weakened, which will translate into a decrease in its physical and mental performance. A person in such a case is not only unable to perform the planned movements, but it is also more difficult for him to focus on them. The lack of an adequate amount of water causes a decrease in blood volume, which in turn will translate into an increased load on the heart muscle. In short, it will stop being as effective a pump as before.

During physical effort, a person sweats, and numerous compounds and minerals are lost from the body with sweat. Among them are potassium, magnesium, sodium and calcium. Lack of magnesium significantly weakens muscles, also putting them into vibration, which can lead to injuries.

?During training, each of us sweats, and with the sweat we lose water. During training, our body heats up a…

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How much water to drink before a workout?

Not all people who workout take care to hydrate properly before a workout and this is obviously a huge mistake. Others, however, for fear of losing too much water – drink too much. In this matter, it is necessary to keep moderation, which will protect the trainer from feeling uncomfortable. Experts recommend drinking about half a liter of fluids before a planned workout. It is best if the last portion of water is taken about half an hour before. This will ensure that it is properly absorbed by the body and muscles.

How much water to drink during workout?

Of course proper hydration during workout depends on the type, intensity and body weight of the athlete. By far the most fluids are lost during endurance and aerobic training. In this case, it is worth taking care of the appropriate amount of water, which varies from one liter to even four liters. If the trainee is planning a longer run, it is good to drink even one and a half liters of fluids before it. Importantly, this cannot be done in a single go, as a huge amount of what has been drunk will be excreted from the body during the first visit to the toilet.

Does water hydrate best?

Many experts argue that water hydrates best. However, it is important to consider that there are several types of water. You can use water from natural sources, for example, but it’s usually not much different from what’s on tap at home, as long as the water utility is committed to meeting the highest standards. Mineral water, as the name says, has a lot of minerals in its composition, but it has the disadvantage of being less assimilable.

Isotonic drinks – are they a good alternative to water?

Do fluids have to be replenished with water only? There are many isotonic drinks available on the market, but are they really that good? Yes, but only in specific situations. They are great when the trainee is performing a very intensive training unit, which sometimes exceeds sixty minutes. Otherwise, by drinking popular isotonic drinks, you will not gain anything great, but only provide more carbohydrates to your body. It is also worth choosing those that have as little sugar in their composition as possible.

Principles of proper hydration

During your workout, you should drink slowly and in small portions to maintain a proper body temperature throughout your workout. It is recommended that you drink about 200 milliliters of fluids every 20 minutes. It is important to replenish fluids after your workout by drinking about half a liter of water or isotonic.

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