D-aspartic acid – a supplement indicated not only for raising testosterone levels

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D-aspartic acid (DAA) is widely recognized as a testosterone booster for men. It allows to increase muscle mass relatively quickly. However, its effects can be far more varied. 

D-aspartic acid DAA is an essential chemical compound for the functioning of the body. Let’s leave the precise breakdown to chemists. We’ll focus on what’s important. And the important thing is that DAA is an amino acid that is produced in the testes, hypothalamus and pituitary gland, among others. 

We supply its left-handed form to the body by consuming protein (we’re talking about food here, not pure protein powder). However, the amount of it in foods is quite small, which is why we can often see giant muscle men cramming tons of meat into themselves. This, in turn, leads to other side effects. So smart heads stood up in labs and isolated the amino acid to make it a dietary supplement. 

Does DAA increase testosterone levels? 

This is perhaps the most common opinion regarding this amino acid. Taking D-aspartic acid is supposed to stimulate the body to maximize testosterone levels. As a result, it is supposed to increase sperm production, increase libido, enhance orgasm, prolong erection time, among other things.

Recall also that testosterone levels are essential for the male body not only in sexual matters. It enhances the body’s performance, improves mood, improves sleep, increases concentration, etc.

Side effects of taking DAA

However, this all-too-wonderful supplement can prove treacherous, especially for young bodies. Hormone management is a very delicate matter, let’s remember that. Even a slight interference with it can lead to permanent changes. This is also the case with DAA, which can not only work the opposite of what was expected (disrupt concentration, sleep quality, etc.), but can also increase the concentration of female hormones in the body. Which is unlikely to be expected in men taking DAA.

Does DAA really work?

It turns out that a small number of studies – two, to be exact – confirm the effectiveness of taking D-aspartic acid. Its alleged incredible effects, which are supposed to be a healthier alternative to steroids, have basically been promoted by marketing and PR people. 

The results of other studies and experiments often contradicted each other. Men were divided into two groups, one was given DAA, the other was told they were receiving it. Sometimes the results showed the same testosterone levels in both groups, sometimes even an underestimation. Currently, however, it is accepted that the acid leads to a real, albeit small, increase in testosterone levels in the body. And that’s basically where its advertised effect ends.

DAA is not only testosterone

The acid itself, however, does not only affect testosterone. Its actions are much broader. However, let’s start with the fact that if someone suffers from sexual dysfunction (e.g. erectile dysfunction), then indeed taking the acid can be a good solution.

In addition, DAA improves concentration and memory, transmitting nerve signals between relays. What is interesting, however, is the combination of DAA with NMDA. This allows you to produce gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), which allows you to cope with stressful situations, for example. 

main photo: unsplash.com/Anastase Maragos

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