Biceps stagnation – what can you do to get your biceps arm muscle to start growing again?

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Impressive arm muscles, specifically biceps, are very often the primary training goal of men. However, building them is not that easy, as many daredevils have already found out.

Let’s face it – powerful biceps is a dream of every bodybuilder. Exercises for this body part seem to be very simple on the surface, but reality often verifies our possibilities. It often happens that despite pouring out hectoliters of sweat and many hours spent at the gym, for various reasons we cannot record progress. How to modify your training so that the biceps muscle, or popular biceps, develops effectively?

First the technique!

Whether we like it or not, without proper exercise technique we cannot move. This is the absolute basis in the context of effective training, which is often forgotten by many people (even those who exercise regularly). Regular gym-goers are outdoing themselves in “beating the Biceps record”, often using heavier weights than professional bodybuilders! But what good is that if their technique leaves a lot to be desired, and they – of course to their own surprise – cannot count on regular progress.

When performing biceps exercises, we should focus primarily on engaging the biceps of the arm, limiting other parts to a minimum. Even if after acquiring the right technique our results will initially decrease by 20-40 kg, in the long run we can be sure that over time the records will start to grow again – just like the biceps itself.

Bet on variety!

One of the elements of success in bodybuilding is lack of routine. If you’ve been doing the same exercises with the same load for years, it’s no wonder that your biceps have already adapted to such conditions and became overconfident, which inhibited its further development. It’s high time to escape from the comfort zone – let’s bet on new, unconventional solutions that will surprise our “biceps” a bit! Of course it is not about changing the whole training plan at once. It will be enough to make slight modifications, such as different distribution of series, although each new exercise may also prove helpful.

Recovery and rest

Strength exercises like no other require proper regeneration. If we feel strong enough to train every day, it is great, but at the same time try to act in full harmony with your own body. It is worth remembering not only about the breaks between series, which are very important, but also about quality sleep and rest at home. It may happen that on a given day you just don’t feel strong enough – there is no point in then proving anything to yourself and the whole world. We are all (even bodybuilders!) only human and everyone has the right to feel weaker. If we provide our biceps with proper regeneration after each training session, it will certainly repay us with rapid growth.

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