How to increase your calorie intake in a healthy and smart way? 10 proven ways

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Some people have a particular problem with increasing weight, this is especially true for ectomorphs. However, people who intend to achieve an elaborate strength physique are also wondering: how to gain weight healthily, but quickly? Here are our tips!

There are many reasons why you can’t gain weight. They can be gastrointestinal issues – such as malabsorption, or mental problems such as increased stress over the past few days. Another type will be genetic peculiarities and body structure. In order to properly specify which principles will serve you, you need to know yourself.

Endomorphic, ectomorphic or mesomorphic? 

Let’s start with the basics, that is, the three basic types that determine the ability to develop musculature. The endomorphic body type is usually quite resilient in accumulating body fat as well as muscle. Mesomorphic is an intermediate body type, which is characterized by high flexibility. People with these types of characteristics are characterized by an expansive torso, a slimmer waist and can gain or lose weight quite freely.

The biggest problem is faced by ectomorphic people, who are characterized by a petite build, long limbs, fast metabolism, but also somatic vulnerability to stress. In this case, a diet rich in carbohydrates, not shying away from high-calorie meals, will be particularly beneficial. This does not mean that ectomorphs should eat pizza all the time. This is our first advice – reach for healthy high-calorie foods:

  • avocados,
  • nuts (especially walnuts),
  • whole-grain breads,
  • oils,
  • dried fruits,
  • milk,
  • alcohol – if you like going out on the town, you are the type of person who, on a diet, doesn’t need to begrudge yourself this beverage. 

Stress reduction

Scientific studies clearly show that stress causes disorders in the body’s nutrition and function. It can act in two ways: for some, it encourages snacking, because in this way (e.g. by snacking on sweets, fast food, etc.) it stimulates the reward system. On the other hand, the same products can negatively affect, for example, testosterone – which in men is not only responsible for sexual issues, but also, among other things, affects muscle mass gain and overall vitality.

On the other hand, stress can definitely reduce appetite, generate weight loss, etc. In both cases, therefore, we have a situation in which stress worsens the control of caloric intake. Its reduction is therefore necessary. In this regard, it is best to go to a psychologist, or use techniques such as yoga or mindfulness. Changing the workplace, moving away from a harmful environment, etc. can help.

General supporting principles

So far we have elaborated on a few key points, which we will take the liberty to remind you of:

  • Define your figure,
  • Let your diet focus on healthy high-calorie dishes,
  • Reduce stress.

Now we will present the seven remaining ones, which are simpler principles that you need to incorporate into your daily routine as part of your habits. These are:

  • Eating meals as early as possible,
  • Consuming smoothies and juices, which contain extra calories and are easily digested by the body,
  • Eating meals quickly,
  • Hydrating after a meal, not during,
  • Limiting fiber, which is responsible for satiety,
  • Adding nutrients,
  • Allowing yourself to snack – something nice for everyone!

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