6 inspiring bodybuilding videos you need to watch

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Do you have a day off, but don’t have the strength to go to the gym? Or are you recovering today? Then watch these cinema classics! We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Training at the gym is one thing. Everyone knows that most of the work is actually done away from the weights. The stories of those who have climbed to the top in the world of bodybuilding have very often been filmed. Others are subject to fictionalization. In any case, these are remarkable stories, engaging for cinephiles and sports freaks alike. 

Lou Ferrigno – documentary film

This is an extraordinary story on every level. A brilliantly executed project and a very interesting main character. In the 1970s Lou was winning numerous bodybuilding competitions. Suddenly he interrupted his career to become an actor. His muscular physique allowed him to play the hulk in The Incredible Hulk. Then, after nearly 20 years out of the sports industry, Lou decides to return to bodybuilding.


A fantastic film from 1976. The director was Bob Rafelson. For his acting debut, Arnold Schwarzenegger won a Golden Globe as the most promising young actor. This is not surprising, as Schwarzenegger’s acting was indeed top-notch.

The film, moreover, is a combination of drama and comedy. Ideally suited to make you think about a few issues. At the same time, however, it allows for a bit of a smile. An additional advantage is the remaining cast of actors. Rafelson’s team includes, among others, Jeff Bridges himself.


Already a classic item, if you haven’t seen it, you should definitely catch up. Two parts of this picture were made. The first was dedicated to Arnold Schwarzenegger. And in this case it is unlikely to be any surprise. It is widely considered that the actor is the best bodybuilder in history. Recordings from Schwarzenegger’s own youth have been incorporated into the film. They reveal the behind-the-scenes of hard work, daily life, relationships with friends, etc.

The second part of The Bodybuilder was enriched with the history of amateur and professional bodybuilders. It may not have been received with such ovations as its predecessor, nevertheless it is still an item worth watching.


A highly acclaimed 2007 film directed by Mads Matthiesen. A feature film about the difficulties of a bodybuilder’s life, his disputes with his family, society, but also his search for love. It is an unusual picture precisely because it juxtaposes emotional issues (love, family, friendship) with a man who, according to stereotypes, thinks of nothing more than the gym. This is one of the few films in which a muscular man is also a sensitive and intelligent man. Really worth watching!

Generation Iron 

One of the best documentaries on bodybuilding. It was made in 2013 and reached the level of the first Bodybuilder. It will be a great story about the greatest legends of the sport, competing for the title of Mr. Olympia. There will be stories about Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno, Kai Greene, Phil Heath, etc. 

Ronnie Coleman: King

A documentary available on Netflix. It tells the story of the squat champion who squeezed as much as 360 kilograms! The story is both beautiful and sad. You will learn from it how much Coleman had to sacrifice to get to the top, how much he lost, how much he gained. And also how bodybuilding affected his health – physical and mental. Very insightful material!

main photo: unsplash.com/satyatiwari

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