HMB in bodybuilding – action, dosage, effects

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HMB, or beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyric acid, is a dietary supplement that effectively helps build form. Additionally, it is known for its health promoting properties. What else is worth knowing about it?

HMB – role and application

Its role is related to supporting the process of tissue synthesis and stimulating leucine-like mTOR pathways. HMB is also known for its protective and anti-catabolic activity.

What does this look like in practice? Through its influence on enzymes which modulate tissue metabolism, the body receives a signal for the production of substrates designed to support muscle regeneration. By regularly supplementing with HMB, we contribute to the improvement of tissue regeneration. This results in an accelerated regeneration process and an effective shortening of the time necessary for the muscle to return to full readiness for action.

This acid is also used in medicine. It is used in conditions directly related to the risk of muscle mass loss. This is especially true in the course of debilitating diseases, AIDS, and immobilization caused by fractures.

Effects of HMB

HMB contributes to the stimulation of cholesterol production, which is responsible for maintaining the proper integrity of cell membranes. This is of key importance due to the protective support of the muscle which becomes damaged during strength training. This is when the myocyte content leaks out of the cell and into the bloodstream. However, it is not able to rebuild its natural structure and needs to start regenerative processes.

HMB contributes to rebuilding cells and improving their proper functioning. It is also worth mentioning that the action that inhibits the degradation of proteins and the regenerative support associated with cell reconstruction is very closely related to the intensification of the use of fatty acids, which directly translates into fat loss.

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HMB occurrence and side effects

HMB is not only found in the form of a dietary supplement. This acid is also found in foods such as fish, alfalfa and grapefruit. Since these are trace amounts, it is necessary to supplement the daily diet with a preparation based on HMB.

Until now, the effect of beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyric acid on muscle protein synthesis has not been fully studied. The action, which is thought to increase synthesis by specific enzymes, has been linked to increases in cognitive function and muscle mass. HMB also has direct effects on enzymes that activate repair substrates and sarcolemma integrity. This is associated with an increase in the rate of muscle fiber repair after training, a protective effect, and an increase in anabolism.

It is worth realizing that HMB has no side effects, which has been proven in studies. In some cases HMB even shows a pro-health effect! This acid contributes to the reduction of the level of total cholesterol, including a change in the proportions of HDL and LDL lipoprotein, lowering systolic blood pressure and improving mood.

Daily requirements for HMB

When it comes to the optimal daily requirement for HMB, the average is about 3 grams per day. It is recommended that supplementation be broken down into 3 daily doses: morning, afternoon or evening. As the results of studies show, the effectiveness of HMB is dose-dependent. It increases in proportion to the amount of supplement taken, but increasing the dose does not further increase the benefits of HMB supplementation.

HMB has a much better effect in the case of people who are just beginning their adventure with training. Combat sports athletes often reach for this supplement.

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