Muscle anabolism – how to stimulate this process?

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The importance of the muscle growth process is crucial in bodybuilding training and during strength training. It is worth knowing how to stimulate anabolism with diet and proper training.

What is anabolism?

Muscle anabolism is a metabolic process during which protein is synthesised. The most important effect of this phenomenon is the formation of new cells. Athletes who want to quickly increase their muscle mass are particularly interested in the anabolic variety, hypertrophy. In simple terms, this process involves the enlargement of muscle cells, which leads to weight gain and increased muscle mass in the body.

The way in which muscle anabolism takes place and its intensity depends on many factors. Some of these are determined by human behavior, while others are natural and beyond external control. Factors that significantly affect the action of muscle anabolism include the body’s hormonal balance, metabolic processes, healthy sleep, proper rest, a caloric diet enriched with large amounts of protein and carbohydrates, and regular strength training.

Muscle anabolism is the physiological process by which our muscles and bones increase in volume. To.

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How to stimulate muscle growth?

The factors that determine the proper functioning of the anabolic process of muscles are mostly man-dependent. The basic issue is a complete diet supplemented with synthetic protein allowing muscles to regenerate quickly after exercise. The diet should be individually tailored to the athlete and his training plan. A set of strength exercises aimed at stimulating muscle anabolism must be based mainly on multi-joint exercises. Using heavy loads and weights will help stimulate growth hormones and testosterone, which support muscle growth.

Workout time should not exceed one hour because with prolonged exercise, the body begins to produce the stress hormone cortisol. This compound negatively affects the formation of new muscle tissue cells and has a catabolic effect. An additional element that stimulates muscle growth will be a change of training plan every few months – so that the body constantly receives new stimuli that increase physical fitness and enhance muscle anabolism. In individual cases, vitamin supplementation is also recommended.

Anabolic diet

The diet has a huge impact on your mood, physical strength and proper functioning of the body. A diet that supports muscle mass gain should consist of plenty of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, magnesium, calcium and nutrients. The creator of the anabolic diet divided it into three basic phases: initial, loading and reduction.

In the initial phase, the calorie intake is reduced in order to significantly increase it in the next phase. In the reduction phase, the body will aim to lose weight and reduce body fat in favor of creating muscle cells. The whole cycle should be divided into working days and a weekend, during which the athlete does not train.

In this type of diet, the key element is the protein content of the food, which should be proportionally adjusted to the weight of the athlete. The highest protein content can be found in poultry, fish, legumes and dairy. Protein shakes consumed before or immediately after training can also be helpful. When preparing an anabolic diet, you should also remember to take your meals at fixed times of the day.

The anabolic window

A phenomenon that supports the growth of muscle tissue is also the so-called “anabolic window”. This name defines the time after training during which the body has an increased anabolic capacity. This period lasts from 30 minutes to even 2 hours after exercise.

During this time, the body needs extra energy, lost nutrients, vitamins, minerals and muscle tissue-building protein. If an athlete can’t eat a full meal, they can use synthetic dietary supplements, protein supplements and shakes prepared on their basis. These products quickly replenish micronutrient deficiencies and help the tired body recover faster.

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